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10 nov 2023

33rd Anniversary of Tramarsa: Boarding Opportunities for All

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02 nov 2023

Innovative Future Ahead: Tramarsa Update

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15 oct 2023

Anti-Corruption Awareness Talk at Tramarsa Ilo

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03 oct 2023

We assisted more than 80 affected families.

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10 sep 2023

Maritime Americas Award 2023

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01 sep 2023

We Contribute to Society Beyond Our Operations

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21 ago 2023

Visit of Journalists to Transportadora Callao

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07 ago 2023

Proud of our Tramarsinos from Environmental Challenge

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28 jul 2023

Happy Independence Day!

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07 jul 2023

Successful Participation of Our Collaborators in Recycling Campaign

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19 jun 2023

Changes in Tramarsa's Organizational Structure in the Southern Zone

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05 jun 2023

Tramarsa's Environmental Commitment

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18 may 2023

Tramarsa and Campus Romero strengthen the capacities of teachers in Marcona with scholarships of Office Automation

journalists visit

01 may 2023

Great received journalists in TCSA

new manager

15 apr 2023

Grupo TRAMARSA appoints new General Corporate Manager and makes changes to its management teams

01 apr 2023

Global Infrastructure Partners Acquires 50% of Tramarsa and Partners with Grupo Romero in Strategic Joint Venture

20 jul 2022

Romero Foundation delivers 400,000 virtual scholarships for state school students

Retrato de Luis de Góngora

30 jun 2022

TRAMARSA launches norita chatbot for the maritime agency service

20 apr 2022

We surpass 5G technology with our 5T app

Retrato de Luis de Góngora

01 feb 2022

Romero Foundation once again delivers 2 million KN95 masks

Retrato de Luis de Góngora

08 may 2021

In this second wave, let's avoid more infections together!

Retrato de Lope de Vega

16 oct 2020

Grupo Romero delivers 1 million KN9 masks for free

Retrato de Luis de Góngora

17 feb 2020

Appointment of Mauricio Nuñez del Prado as General Manager of TRAMARSA

Retrato de Luis de Góngora

13 feb 2020

TRAMARSA sells maritime services company

Retrato de Luis de Góngora

28 jan 2020

Renewal of SIG certificates and migration to the new ISO 45001 standard