We assisted more than 80 affected families

At Tramarsa, we acknowledge the importance of contributing to the well-being of our community, and last week, we carried out a significant support initiative by delivering essential goods and warm clothing to 80 families in Ticlio Chico.

This charitable endeavor was made possible through the combined efforts of our volunteer team, which actively participates in the Romero Foundation. Committed members of the Tramarsa family joined forces to coordinate this donation, reflecting our ongoing commitment to social responsibility.

We extend special thanks to the staff at the Miraflores headquarters and TCSA for their dedication and involvement in this noble cause. Their generosity and support have made a significant difference in the lives of these 80 families, reaffirming our motto of #AlwaysFirst.

At Tramarsa, we remain committed to actions that strengthen and benefit our community, remembering that every small gesture counts in building a more just and compassionate future.

We appreciate everyone who makes these actions possible and reaffirm our commitment to always being First in the well-being of our society.