• Representation

    Assistance in reception and dispatch of ships in port.

    We provide information and assistance regarding compliance with nationwide port regulations and requirements (including: APN – National Port Authority, DICAPI – Peruvian Coast Guard, Customs, Immigration and Maritime Health)

  • Crew changes

    Assistance with arrival processes

    Support for on-signers and off-signers, as required by the ship operator. Visa processing for embarking and disembarking crew. Customs transfer. Assistance with customs controls and immigration and customs authorities.

  • Cash to master

    Handover of valuables onboard the ship, as required by the ship operator.

  • Medical attention

    Medical support as required by the ship operator.

    Assistance and coordination regarding urgent or emergency medical care, including crew transfer to pre-designated medical centers.

  • Transport

    Transport assistance and transfer service

    Assistance with private transport for captain and crew transfer – on request by ship’s command.

  • Port terminal coordination

    Operational coordination and berth requests at port terminals

    Close contact with terminals for ship berth requests and operational coordination, according to shipping line itinerary.