Our Policy

1.1 Supplier Management

At Tramarsa, we see our suppliers as key allies in achieving our business objectives. As such, we always look to contract local suppliers, with a view to contributing to local development and establishing partnerships that will guarantee sustainable relationships based on mutual trust and benefit.

1.2 Social Management

Tramarsa’s social management approach is based on our commitment to community development, through programs focused on education, the environment, and promoting job opportunities. 

Tramarsa’s staff are highly-qualified professionals who strive for continuous improvement. They work tirelessly to fulfill their staff’s professional needs through intelligent, modern, transformational leadership. Our HR department provides pragmatic, effective management tools and processes for every member of our company. Our workers are our most valuable resource, which is why we cherish their personal and professional development, health and security, both at home and in the workplace.
We strive to maintain profitability without relaxing our strict environmental standards. As such, our commitment as a company is to minimize or nullify our environmental impact, by constantly evaluating and improving all our operational processes.