Anti-Corruption Awareness Talk at Tramarsa Ilo

Corporate Management of Security, Environment, Quality, and Risks at the International Container Terminal (TLT) Ilo, part of Tramarsa, conducted an enriching anti-corruption awareness talk for Tramarsa employees at the headquarters. This initiative is part of the deployment of Tramarsa's Crime Prevention Model, reaffirming the organization's commitment to the highest ethical standards and transparency.

Throughout the session, a conducive space was provided for analysis and reflection on the importance of business ethics, emphasizing Tramarsa's commitment to operate with transparency and optimism in all its operations. The talk addressed key aspects related to corruption prevention, highlighting the shared responsibility of each collaborator in building an integral and ethical work environment.

We sincerely thank all individuals who participated in this significant awareness talk. Active attendance demonstrates the interest and commitment of the Tramarsa community in building a dynamic work environment characterized by high standards of action. At Tramarsa, we firmly believe that, by working together, we contribute to the consolidation of an exemplary business environment.

We continue with the commitment to strengthen the organizational culture based on values, ethics, and transparency. Together, we will continue to make Tramarsa a benchmark in the industry, where integrity and commitment are fundamental to the sustainable success of our organization.

Once again, we express our gratitude to all participants for their valuable contribution and active participation in this important event.